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Poignant award winning Malayalam movie “Manimuzhakkam” (1976) directed by P.A. Backer and starring Harikeshan Thampi.

Its a very interesting plot in the sense that the script very subtly delves into identity conflicts of a person based on others’ perception and religious beliefs. Jose (Harikeshan Thampi) is an orphan bought up in a christian convent upto his college days. Then he is discovered by his long lost Hindu family and he immediately faces an identity crisis. Earlier in the college a girl dates him until she discovers that he grew up in an orphanage.

Then he finishes college with first class and his family proposes his marriage to another Hindu girl until her family discovers that he was brought up in a christian upbringing. He goes to Madras for a job whereupon he is taken upon by a catholic family as a potential suitor for their girl. Until they learrn of his real story.

There is a lot of subtle messaging going on, which is quite well done. But the movie lacks the tempo to be a robust hit. The music is dreary and depressing. The plot slows at various places to depict the social awkwardness of Jose considering the fact of his early life in an orphanage. The last scene is very riveting like Charlie Chaplin’s The Modern Times.

Overall movie is good and it has won the national & state award also, but it fails to raise above the mediocre. imdb 2/10

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Guruvayur Temple

This is a kind of a biography of a temple, famous one and most revered one at that – Guruvayur Temple in Thrissur district of Kerala. Thousands of pilgrims throng the temple every day and the entire temple complex is quite sanctified and revered. It has got an aura about it, that is not seen at other temples. So, Mr. Balan Pootheri has written a book about its history, its daily rituals, the miracles that have taken place due to people’s belief in the diety and the legend of the temples. He has also talked about the saints who believed in the Guruvayurappan and propagated that belief. Guruvayurappan is nothing but another manifestation of lord Vishnu, but in the form of Krishna. This is a good book for those who want to know more about the Guruvayur temple and who have faith in it.

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Temple Tales

This is an excellent compilation of stories relating to temples of India, from how the temple came to be formed with a mythological story invariably tied to it. The author then goes on to talk about all aspects relating to that temple including the main deities, the offerings provided, the rituals, the food, dances, arts, folklores, sculptures, colours etc. There are stories on how the Jagannath Temple in Puri came into being, or the story behind the modak at Siddhivinayak Temple, Prabhadevi or why a Hidimba Devi temple is situated in a forest in Manali. There are also short stories on the architectural marvels like the Sun temple in Konark, the Hampi grandeur, the magnificent Ellora temple in Aurangabad. Stories behind the Shekawati paintings at Raghunathji Mandir, Sikar, Rajasthan to the Picchwai painting at the Nathdwara temple etc. to animals, vehicles, birds, forests galore. The author has meticulously put together this collection, which is quite humongous because she has covered the length and breadth of the country, not sure, if she has travelled to all these places or referenced it, in either case, it is quite an awesome effort. After reading this book you will become aware of the rich spiritual history of India. Goodreads 5/5

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