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Danger Zone – Erbil

Third episode of Danger Zone where journalist Ariglit Boonyai travels to Erbil, in Iraq which is also the capital of Kurdistan. Erbil is located up north in Iraq and has Iran, Turkey and Syria as borders, so it is a border state. There is an ongoing conflict in this part of the world, with the Kurdish Peshmerga forces wanting an independent Kurdistan, the Iraqi army opposing them and then there is ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group which is also occupying large parts of the area including the city of Mosul. There are approximately 2 million internally displaced people in Iraq including the Yazidis who follow a mix of Islam and Christianity. Many of the refugees occupy uncompleted buildings or malls and live in terrible conditions. There are oil assets in that part of Iraq so the Iraqi government is averse to giving leeway to the Kurdish or the ISIS forces. Children are abducted, women are raped, men are killed, there are landmines everywhere. Boonyai does manage to meet one Kurdish commander and the head of the UN mission there. One Iraqi ex-advisor says that unless the Islamic nations do not take action or react, ISIS will get entrenched in every Islamic state in a few years. The Kurdish commander wants the world to know what they are fighting for. Interesting series, this, so far has been good, the only issue is with excessive close up shots of Boonyai which i think is overdoing it. Otherwise good to watch series.

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