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5.53 kms

There was a slight break in the incessant rains at around 6.00 a.m. today morning, so decided to go out for a quick run. Not run since Monday so wanted this badly, a shortie 5.53 kms just to get the legs moving. Beautiful weather today morning in Mumbai in the back road behind Inorbit Mall, Malad.

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7.84 kms in mindspace

7.84 kms in mindspace, Mumbai. Extremely cold today morning by Mumbai standards.

MRR is raising funds for Population First, an NGO which  is a social impact organization that works for women’s empowerment, gender equality and community mobilisation to achieve India’s social and demographic goals. They do this through their girl child campaign – Laadli and field-based health, nutrition and rural development programme – Action for Mobilization of Community Health Initiatives (AMCHI).

Request people to contribute generously to their cause by clicking on the following link.


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7.35 kms in mindspace

7.35 kms in mindspace, Malad, Mumbai. With that i cross 500 kms for the year 2020. Its been a huge effort coming back from virtually no running for 3 and half months to slowly building mileages. Nowadays i see a lot of people out there running, jogging, walking, cycling, skating etc. Its tremendous what is happening post covid people are finally taking their health seriously. I see women running in saris, that is like WOW!! i see a lot of slum dwellers out there walking with their kids, and that is a good sign as well. Weather is still very humid, i guess winter is a few days away.

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national medical commission


Historic reform in the field of medical education has been effectedby the Union Government with the constitution of the National Medical Commission (NMC), along with four Autonomous Boards. With this, the decades old institution of the Medical Council of India (MCI) stands abolished. Along with NMC, the four Autonomous Boards ofUG and PG Medical Education Boards, Medical Assessment and Rating Board, and Ethics and Medical Registration Board have also been constituted to help the NMC in day to day functioning.

This historic reform will steer medical education towards a transparent, qualitative and accountable system. The basic change that has happened is that the Regulator is now ‘selected’ on merits, as opposed to an ‘elected’ Regulator. Men and Women with impeccable integrity, professionalism, experience and stature have been now placed at the helm to steer the medical education reforms further.

The Notifications in this regard were issued late last night on the 24th September, 2020.

Dr S C Sharma (retd. Prof, ENT, AIIMS, Delhi) has been selected as the Chairperson for a period of three years. Besides the Chairperson, NMC will have 10 ex-officio members that include Presidents of the four Autonomous Boards, Dr.Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, Chandigarh, Dr RajendraABadwe, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and Dr SurekhaKishore, Executive Director, AIIMS, Gorakhpur. In addition, NMC will have 10 nominees from Vice Chancellors of Health Universities from States/UTs, 9 nominees from State Medical Councils, and three expert members from diverse professions. Dr SmitaKolhe, a renowned social worker working in tribal Melaghat area of Maharashtra and ShriSantosh Kumar Kraleti, CEO, Foot Soldiers for Health Pvt Ltd have been nominated as these expert members. Dr R K Vats will head the Secretariat as Secretary of the NMC.

In addition to NMC, four Autonomous Boards have also been constituted and come into effect from today. The … Board will be chaired by ….. and will have …..The Commission has four Autonomous Boards, namelyUnder-Graduate Medical Education Board, Post-Graduate Medical Education Board, Medical Assessment and Rating Board andEthics and Medical Registration Board to oversee UG/ PG education, accreditationand assessment and the matters related to ethics and professional conduct of doctors.

The NMC will carry forward the reforms initiated by the Board of Governors under Dr V K Paul. Already, number of MBBS seats has increased over the last six years by 48% from around 54000 in 2014 to 80,000 in 2020. The PG seats have increased by 79% from 24000 to 54000 in the same duration.

The key functions of the NMC will be further streamlining regulations, rating of institutions, HR assessment, focus on research. Besides they will work on modalities of the common final year exam after MBBS (NEXT- National Exit Test) to serve for both registration and PG entrance; prepare guidelines for fee regulation by private medical colleges; and developing standards for Community Health Providers to serve in primary healthcare with limited practicing licence.

It may be recalled that the National Medical Commission Act, 2019 was passed by the Parliament in August, 2019.

With the coming into effect of the NMC Act from 25th September, 2020, the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 stands repealed and the Board of Governors appointed in supersession of Medical Council of India has also been dissolved with effect from the said date.

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The 12 week fitness project

Quick read book by Rujuta Diwekar, although one is supposed to read it slowly and imbibe it along the way and follow the instructions from the book, which is what i did. I like her bindaas attitude to food in the sense that she advocates eating ghee, white sugar, jaggery etc. all of which are anathema to other nutritionists or diet consultants. She also says, eat what your grandparents used to, it will work wonders, which is true in a way. She uses a lot of Indianised words in the book, which is the hallmark in her earlier books as well “Don’t Lose your Mind, Lose your Weight” which was also a good book to read. One has to follow the instructions to the T for proper results otherwise it will not be visible, which is what happens to most of us, in the sense that we get busy with our work lives and forget to follow most of the basic principles advocated in the book. Lot of the information given in the book is very practical to use and adapt. I would recommend, read one chapter at a time, imbibe and practice solutions from that chapter and then go ahead. Highly recommended read. 

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the 12-week fitness project


This book by Rujuta Parker is a immensely doable project, achievable if we follow all the guidelines scrupulously. It goades people into following simple instructions in order to improve their health, sleep well, be less irritable, have better energy levels etc. Some i already do such as physical activity (running), strength training, some others i need to incorporate in my daily routine, Good book to follow.

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