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Guitar Man

Guitar Man by Will Hodgkinson is an autobiographical journey of a 30s Britisher to learn guitar having virtually no musical brain at all since his birth. But it turns out to be delightful journey of the guitar itself. Will delves into the history of the guitar taking us to its roots. Enroute he takes us through some of the musical greats who have played guitar and he interviews a few of them and travels to US to delve into the Nashville blues, Memphis rock & roll, Mississippi delta blues all the way taking some lessons or two from the guitar masters, many of them reclusive ones. First up is an intro to Davey Graham who seems to be an iconical guitar player and his composition “Anji” is certainly one up at the top. Davey influenced guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton among others. When i listened to Anji it certainly inspired me, it is apparently a difficult piece of composition and many seasoned guitarists have tried to play it without any success.  Being a lifelong music fan especially of the blues, this book resonates very much with me. Blues is one genre i love very much and it is one genre that has not died down the ages. Will’s narrative is fluid, easy going laced with humour, having to navigate learning guitar and form a band of sorts, take care of his wife and kids as well. Highly likeable book for those who like music and the blues. Goodreads 5/5

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It Might Get Loud

Music documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim in 2008 and premiered at Toronto International Film Festival. The documentary traces the roots of three guitarists Jimmy Page of the Led Zeppelin fame and arguably the greatest living guitarist of today, David Howell Evans, otherwise known as The Edge, the founding member of U2 and Jack White, American guitarist of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. He started in a garage band called The Upholsters.

All three discuss their beginnings, early struggles, inspiration, their creativity – Jimmy Page in London, The Edge in Dublin (then racked with bomb blasts by IRA) and Jack in rundown Detroit. Jimmy has no good opinion of the rock n roll, while The Edge is influenced by punk music. Jack grows up in a town which has no instrumental music culture so he finds his calling in a furniture shop in which he was apprenticing and his boss happened to be a drums player. They ripped off the garage after working hours and started practicing and ultimately forming a band called The Upholsters, very apt name for their band.

All three come together for a jamming session in Headley Grange, which is where Led Zeppelin used to practice and play some nice music together. They play Rumble of Link Wray which is quite a fantastic number.

Worth watching for guitar & music fans. Picture above taken from internet and not with an intention to violating copyright.

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