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The Innovators

This is a brilliant book by Walter Isaacson on the digital revolution, who created it, who was responsible for it, what were the factors that led to it, who were the main players, main backers etc. right from the times of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace Byron to the present day geeks who created twitter, whatsapp, and all.

Walter keeps his narrative simple as ploughs through the digital revolution very meticulously and methodically taking us through the paces from the beginning to the end…………..well, there is no end in sight yet, what with artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, block chain and all looming ahead.

Much of his work focuses on the individuals who made the key breakthroughs and the environment in which they were brought up, their parents, schooling, their curiosity, wonderment etc. coupled with the team work, collaboration, with others in the field. Walter believes firmly that collaborative teams had more successes than the lone star genius plodding along alone on the horizon. There are the dreamers and then there are the executors, the managers, who could bring a dream to fruition.

This is a brilliant read, by all means, a collector’s item. Goodreads 5/5

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