Krush Groove

American musical movie “Krush Groove” (1985) directed by Michael Schulz and starring Blair Underwood, Sheila E among others.

Its a story of a record label owner growing too fast with no official finance from banks etc. Russell (Blair Underwood) who owns Krush Groove has multiple hits to his label’s name but no money to finance production of records, those were the gramophone record days not unlike today’s digital era. He is forced to drop into a loan shark for the funds which then he is unable to repay and the consequences.

One of the music groups belongs to his brother who then moves away to another record label because there is no official written contract between them. It all comes to a pass in the end. Meanwhile both he and his brother are wooing a red hot singer Sheila.

Lot of foot tapping music in the movie, which makes up for the weak story. The singing and dancing are super throughout. IMDB 3/10

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