When the Mountains Tremble

Brilliant award winning documentary on the bloody fight between the indigenous people of Guatemala and its army.

Partly narrated by Rigoberta Menchu the Nobel Peace winner in 1992, it narrates the woeful state of affairs of the indigenous people of Guatemala and the army on the other side supported by the government, the rich and the US business interests. US by supplying aid to the government ensured to protect its business interests in the country.

The army was brutal in its campaign against the natives in that they destroyed property, killed people, raped women at will. All that the indigenous people wanted was their right to live peacefully and with dignity but rich business interests and corruption in the army came in their way.

And it had to happen that the indigenous people who were peaceful had to resort to take up arms to protect themselves and their people and villages. In a way, this documentary shows the genesis of a guerilla struggle. This documentary was shot in 1983 and the period from 1960 to 1996 were the bloodiest years in Guatemalan history with army atrocities galore. (source wikipedia).

Almost all the action in the documentary is actual footage except for one presidential lunch which was dramatized. The documentary got a jury award at the Sundance.

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