Last Night at the Alamo

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 1984 Sundance, “The Alamo” (1984) a film about the closing down of a favorite bar somewhere in Houston, Texas.

Some oddball characters we have here, Ichabod and Mary, a married couple constantly fighting and arguing with each other. Claude is another character who had a huge fight with his wife back home and is the most dramatically angry. He constantly calls his wife who has ordered him to stay in motel for a couple of nights.

Then there is Cowboy Regan, who is supposedly in the movie business. He talks to his friend, the senator to stall the demolition of the bar, but fails in that attempt. His is shown as a pathetic character, because he tries to get into the pants of one girl but fails miserably, wins and loses a tequila contest, gets into a fight with another patron Steve, injuring himself in the process and tries to get into the arms of another girl who stays opposite the bar but gets slammed in return.

There is nothing worth a story in the movie. The acting is quite natural though and the production is quite good. Camera work, & photography are quite superb. Difficult to understand the Texan accent though.

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  1. I agree not too many of us who are non-Americans can understand it unless you are from Texas😀

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