Uproarious British comedy film “Genevieve” (1953) starring John Gregson, Dinah Sheridan, Kenneth More and Kay Kendall.

The movie is about veteran cars and the love of the owners for them. Alan McKim (John Gregson) and his wife Wendy (Dinah Sheridan) are just about making ends meet. Alan is crazy about his 1904 Darracq. They have an annual London to Brighton rally to take part in the next day.

Their friend Ambrose (Kenneth More) also has a veteran car but he is brash and upstart and always challenging Alan to his old car. He has his latest girlfriend Rosalind (Kay Kendall) joining the rally. On the way to Brighton, Alan’s car breaks down several times and he barely makes it to the finish point.

The previous day Alan and Wendy had an argument and he therefore canceled their hotel booking at Brighton, and were forced to say in a run down dinghy hotel. There was something going on between Wendy and Ambrose in the past so Alan is upset about that.

On the way back, Alan bets Ambrose 100 pounds although they are not officially allowed to race on public roads. Both of them have several altercations, which delays both of them including instances of cheating by both drivers. They almost come to blows near the London bridge.

All four of them have acted reasonably well. It won the best British film at the Bafta.

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