banking resolution for covid stress – individuals & small business

A. Resolution of advances to individuals and small businesses

4. Lending institutions are permitted to offer a limited window to individual borrowers and small businesses to implement resolution plans in respect of their credit exposures while classifying the same as Standard upon implementation of the resolution plan subject to the conditions specified hereafter.

5. The following borrowers shall be eligible for the window of resolution to be invoked by the lending institutions:

  1. Individuals who have availed of personal loans (as defined in the Circular DBR.No.BP.BC.99/08.13.100/2017-18 dated January 4, 2018 on “XBRL Returns – Harmonization of Banking Statistics”), excluding the credit facilities provided by lending institutions to their own personnel/staff.
  2. Individuals who have availed of loans and advances for business purposes and to whom the lending institutions have aggregate exposure of not more than Rs.25 crore as on March 31, 2021.
  3. Small businesses, including those engaged in retail and wholesale trade, other than those classified as micro, small and medium enterprises as on March 31, 2021, and to whom the lending institutions have aggregate exposure of not more than Rs.25 crore as on March 31, 2021.

Provided that the borrower accounts / credit facilities shall not belong to the categories listed in sub-clauses (a) to (e) of the Clause 2 of the Annex to the Resolution Framework 1.0, read with the response to Sl. No. 2 of FAQs on Resolution Framework for Covid-19 related stress (Revised on December 12, 2020).

Provided further that the borrower accounts should not have availed of any resolution in terms of the Resolution Framework – 1.0 subject to the special exemption mentioned at Clause 22 below.

Provided further that the credit facilities / investment exposure to the borrower was classified as Standard by the lending institution as on March 31, 2021.

6. Any resolution plan implemented in breach of the stipulations of this circular shall be fully governed by the Prudential Framework for Resolution of Stressed Assets issued on June 7, 2019 (“Prudential Framework”), or the relevant instructions as applicable to specific category of lending institutions where the Prudential Framework is not applicable.

Invocation of resolution process

7. The lending institutions shall frame Board approved policies at the earliest (but not later than four weeks from the date of this Circular), pertaining to implementation of viable resolution plans for eligible borrowers under this framework, ensuring that the resolution under this facility is provided only to the borrowers having stress on account of Covid-19. The Board approved policy shall, inter alia, detail the eligibility of borrowers in respect of whom the lending institutions shall be willing to consider the resolution, and shall lay down the due diligence considerations to be followed by the lending institutions to establish the necessity of implementing a resolution plan in respect of the concerned borrower as well as the system for redressing the grievance of borrowers who request for resolution under the window and / or are undergoing resolution under this window. The Board approved policy shall be sufficiently publicised and should be available on the website of the lending institutions in an easily accessible manner.

8. The resolution process under this window shall be treated as invoked when the lending institution and the borrower agree to proceed with the efforts towards finalising a resolution plan to be implemented in respect of such borrower. In respect of applications received by the lending institutions from their customers for invoking resolution process under this window, the assessment of eligibility for resolution as per the instructions contained in this circular and the Board approved policy put in place as above shall be completed, and the decision on the application shall be communicated in writing to the applicant by the lending institutions within 30 days of receipt of such applications. In order to optimise the processing time, lending institutions may prepare product-level standardized templates as part of their Board approved policies, as above, for resolution under this window.

9. The decision to invoke the resolution process under this window shall be taken by each lending institution having exposure to a borrower independent of invocation decisions taken by other lending institutions, if any, having exposure to the same borrower.

10. The last date for invocation of resolution permitted under this window is September 30, 2021.

Permitted features of resolution plans and implementation

11. The resolution plans implemented under this window may inter alia include rescheduling of payments, conversion of any interest accrued or to be accrued into another credit facility, revisions in working capital sanctions, granting of moratorium etc. based on an assessment of income streams of the borrower. However, compromise settlements are not permitted as a resolution plan for this purpose.

12. The moratorium period, if granted, may be for a maximum of two years, and shall come into force immediately upon implementation of the resolution plan. The extension of the residual tenor of the loan facilities may also be granted to borrowers, with or without payment moratorium. The overall cap on extension of residual tenor, inclusive of moratorium period if any permitted, shall be two years.

13. The resolution plan may also provide for conversion of a portion of the debt into equity or other marketable, non-convertible debt securities issued by the borrower, wherever applicable, and the same shall be governed in terms of Paragraphs 30-32 of the Annex to the Resolution Framework – 1.0.

14. The instructions contained in the circular DOR.No.BP.BC/13/21.04.048/2020-21 dated September 7, 2020 on “Resolution Framework for COVID-19-related Stress – Financial Parameters” shall not be applicable to resolution plans implemented under this window.

15. The resolution plan should be finalised and implemented within 90 days from the date of invocation of the resolution process under this window. The resolution plan shall be deemed to be implemented only if all the conditions in Paragraph 10 of the Annex to the Resolution Framework – 1.0 are met.

B. Working capital support for small businesses where resolution plans were implemented previously

24. In respect of borrowers specified at sub-clauses (b) and (c) of Clause 5 above where resolution plans had been implemented in terms of the Resolution Framework – 1.0, lending institutions are permitted, as a one-time measure, to review the working capital sanctioned limits and / or drawing power based on a reassessment of the working capital cycle, reduction of margins, etc. without the same being treated as restructuring. The decision with regard to above shall be taken by lending institutions by September 30, 2021, with the margins and working capital limits being restored to the levels as per the resolution plan implemented under Resolution Framework – 1.0, by March 31, 2022.

25. The above measures shall be contingent on the lending institutions satisfying themselves that the same is necessitated on account of the economic fallout from COVID-19. Further, accounts provided relief under these instructions shall be subject to subsequent supervisory review with regard to their justifiability on account of the economic fallout from COVID-19.

26. Lending institutions may, accordingly, put in place a Board approved policy to implement the above measures, which should be disclosed in the public domain and placed on their websites in a prominent and easily accessible manner.

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