Night and Fog

Deadly French short film “Night and Fog” (1956) on the horrors of the concentration camps of the world war II.

The documentary is in a narrative form and it has used many shocking actual videos and photographs besides showing contemporary images of the concentration camps, the gas chamber, the buildings, the structures etc. Footages from the trains ferrying the inmates to the camps, their living conditions, the bunks, the toilets. Some live images of Himmler is also there in the film where he is asking his people to focus on destruction.

The visuals and videos are disturbing to say the least. They show us the horrors of the war in its brutal form. There is a surgical room where experiments are carried out on inmates.

I also saw a 9 hour documentary Shoah also focusing on the survivors of the concentration camps and detailing their experience.

This haunting documentary is made by Alain Resnais, The scripwiter Jean Cayol is a survivor of the Mauthusen-Gusen concentration camp.

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