Vamsha Vruksha

Award winning Kannada movie “Vamsha Vruksha” (1972) directed by Girish Karnad and B.V. Karanth and starring both of them and L.V. Sharada in the lead roles.

Its again a socially relevant movie, set in the 1920s. Kathyayini (LV Sharada) is a young widow with a kid in a traditional priestly family. She expresses her desire to study in college, which was first rejected but later on approved. In the college, she meets her professor Raja Rao (Girish Karnad) with whom she falls in love.

All hell breaks loose when she expresses her desire to remarry. Her in laws are aghast but her father in law allows her to take her own decision. She decides to get married, then comes the question of the kid.

She wants the kid, naturally being a mother, but again trouble erupts in the family. The kid is like a part of the family tree and cannot be compromised in any manner. In the end she leaves the kid with the grandparents house. Unfortunately she is unable to beget a child with Raja Rao so becomes despondent and depressed.

Meanwhile Raja Rao’s brother Prof. Sadashiva Rao (BV Karanth) is a history researcher and is determined to finish his 7 volume treatise on Indian history with the help of a Phd student with whom he falls in love and leaves his wife and son behind. That lady yearns for a child but this professor is old and his life dream is the treatise.

Kathyayini’s son grows up and starts going to the same college in which she is teaching. But that connection also breaks. Whole lot of debunking of family tree also takes place which leaves everybody in the movie despondent.

Acting is good and fine and not much of overacting there. The story is quite good a kind of subtle messaging takes place, without much preaching.

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