Brilliant Malayalam/ Kannada movie “Vidheyan” (1994) directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan. The closest to a slave movie you can find in Indian cinema.

Thommy (M.R. Gopakumar in a brilliant role) is a poor person with his own 5 acres eking out a living somewhere in South Karnataka. Bhaskara Patellar (Mammootty) is his landlord, who is a raw face of terror in the area. He has some three people supporting him all the time, but he is deadly, aggressive, tyrannical, giving to booze and women. He has total contempt for anybody and wont to give to kicks and slaps to get his away.

Thommy gives into his landlord, including allowing him to sleep with his wife Omana (Sangeetha Anand). Bhaskara wants to kill his wife Saroja (Tanvi Azmi) who is the only one opposing him, and comes close once when the bullet accidentally hits Thommy instead of Saroja.

Bhaskara finally manages to kill his wife but then is racked by guilt and indecision. Thommy accompanies him as they are on the run to Kodagu forests while Saroja’s brothers are out to kill him.

Mammootty is the deadly villain in the movie. As a villain it will rank as one of the best performances ever in Indian cinema. M.R. Gopakumar has acted quite brilliantly as the servient slave to his master, taking in all the punishments and hits and abuses with equanimity. Cinematography by Markanda Ravi Varma is stunningly beautiful. Music by Vijaya Bhasker is superb and the camera work and sound are quite magnificent.

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