The Duel

Deadly psycho thriller movie from Steven Spielberg, The Duel (1971) where the villain is a truck, a monstrous one at that.

It was his directorial debut for Steven Spielberg. David Mann (Dennis Weaver) is an ordinary American returning home to his family in his Plymouth Valiant. He had differences with his wife early on in the morning. He is driving through the Mojave desert when he passes a tanker truck. The dilapidated truck overtakes him at high speed blaring with noise.

Then follows a cat and mouse game between the car driver and the truck driver, with the maniacal truck driver trying to kill David. The truck driver whose face is never shown on the camera tries to push David onto an onrushing trailer train at the railway crossing.

The deadly game has its own deadly moments when David tries to outguess, outrun and out flank the truck driver but fails miserably. The camera work is simply magnificent and shows the monster truck in its true elements with its size, sound and power of its engines.

Superb acting by Dennis Weaver, probably the only actor in this movie, besides the truck of course.

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