Nodir Naam Modhumoti

Bangladeshi film “Nodir Naam Modhumoti” (1996) starring Tauquir Ahmed, Ali Zakar among others. It deals with the freedom struggle before Bangladesh’s independence in 1971.

The story is about a family in Rasulpur, Motaleb (Ali Zaker) is an elder in the village and he has a son and daughter. Daughter is already married off, but son Bachchu (Tauquir Ahmed) is a good for nothing kid, just passing time with his friends in the village. Just about that time, the freedom movement takes shape.

Bachchu is influenced by his friends to join the movement. He steals his father’s rifle used for shooting birds and some cash from the family till and runs away to join the freedom movement. In the meanwhile, Motaleb is aligned with the Pakistan army and they have vowed to keep the village safe.

Their village is bordering the river Modhumoti and so all action in the film takes place on or near the river. Motaleb is not the real father of Bachchu so he comes to know about it. Meanwhile villagers have captured the sole teacher in the village and killed him. His widow Shanti (Sara Zaker) is forced to marry Motaleb all of which riles Bachchu too much.

There is one canal which is the only entry point into village Rasulpur and Bachchu decides to take matter in his own hands, because the freedom fighters were getting restless with no progress.

Director Tanvir Mokammel has done a good job in his script and direction. Tauquir Ahmed and Ali Zaker have done good roles in the film. There is very little role for women in the movie. Apparently this movie ran into controversy in Bangladesh and was banned until the Supreme Court intervened and it was released. The quality of the script as seen on youtube is very poor, but still it is a good movie to watch.

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