Breathtaking movie of rare cinematic brilliance – Aalorukkam directed by V.C. Abhilash in his debut film and starring Indrans, Srikanth Menon, Shaji A.J., Vishnu Agastya, Seethabaala among others.

It tackles the difficult subject of transgender persons with lot of maturity and emotions. Pappu Pisharody (Indrans) is an Otham Thullal artiste and is out in search of his son Sajeevan who has left his house 16 years ago and not returned. He somehow lands up injured in a hospital run by Dr. Sita (Seethabaala in a very matured role). She enlists her friend Priyan (Vishnu Agastya), a journalist to search for the missing son, now 37 years old. Priyan in turn asks his police friend Kabir to help him out.

In the meantime, Pisharody narrates his tale of woe to the hospital staff and his friends at the hospital. Finally the son is found but Pisharody is unable to reconcile with his son. He becomes numb with shock and does not utter a word at all during his stay with his son. Pisharody has nobody left in the world, his wife has died and his only daughter committed suicide four years ago and he himself has played many female characters during his Otham Thullal days. He is like dying to meet his son after so many years and to spend his old years away under the care of his son.

Its like an irreconcilable shock to him to find his son in such a state after so many years. Director Abhilash has done a superb job in exploring the depth of human emotions, anguish, sadness, loneliness, despair, frustration, love in tackling an extremely sensitive issue of transgenders in the society. There is no preachiness, no melodrama, no overacting in the movie.

Indrans and Srikanth Menon as central characters have given a flawless performance. In fact all the characters have played their part perfectly. Writer Abhilash has given a lot of feeling to the script while the music by Ronnie Raphael is brilliant and sensitive.

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