Cairo 678

Brilliant Egyptian movie “Cairo 678”, directed by Mohamed Diab and starring Bushra, Nelly Karim, Nahed El Sebai in a film exploring sexual harassment in Egypt.

Fayza (Bushra) is a housewife with two kids and working in a municipal office. She is unable to afford to take taxi so she is forced to take the public bus. And she is sexually harassed by men everytime she is in a crowded bus. Seba (Nelly Karim) is a post modern girl with a surgeon husband who loves football. They go to watch a football match in which Egypt wins and she is sexually molested by rowdy fans while her husband is unable to do anything about it. Nelly (Nahed El Sebai) is a first female stand up comedian in Egypt in a highly patriarchial society, she does not get acceptance. On the way back to her home she is sexually attacked by a truck driver. She runs after him, catches him somehow and files a police report against the attacker. The police is reluctant to file a sexual harassment compliant but she goes ahead and does it, despite her family’s reluctance to support her. Her fiancee supports her though. Hers is the first ever sexual harassment case filed in Egypt. So its a true story, beautifully captured with supporting stories beautifully woven into it.

Brilliant theme, brilliant cast, superb music, great cinematography, awesome direction, the film delves into the larger issue of helplessness of women to do anything when a man violates her private rights. There is tension between the three women as well considering their diverse background and that has been beautifully brought about in the movie. All the three female stars, Bushra, Nelly Karim and Nahed El Sebai have acted beautifully in the movie. Bushra in fact got the best actress award for this movie at the Dubai International Film Festival.

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