Bale Pandiya

An old Tamil classic, rip roaring comedy of sorts. Bale Pandiya has Shivaji Ganesan in 3 roles and M.R. Radha in double roles and plenty of laughs and gags.

Shivaji’s comic timing is quite good and so is the acting of both Shivaji and M.R. Radha. There are a couple of female interests in the movie but its all about comedy of errors, impersonation, somewhat like an older version of Andaz Apna Apna.

All the three roles of Shivaji have their own sub plots but there are not boring, except for the length of the movie at 2.24 hours which used to be flavour back in those days. Good movie to revisit, the gags are contemporary. The ladies Devika & Vasanthi have overacted terribly, so nothing much to comment on that. Even Shivaji who has a propensity to overact most of the times, has done a masterful performance as three characters.

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