The Watchman

A breezy fast paced thriller from Chris Ryan “The Watchman” is a about an SAS operative being recruited to take down an MI-5 agent who had infiltrated into IRA and who had gone rogue.

Alex Temple is described as a daring commander with guts and intelligence aplenty to first lead an ambush into Sierra Leone to rescue two British TV news agents who were captured by rebels in that country. Immediately after that mission, he is called back urgently to tackle another menace – that is somebody was brutally murdering MI-5 officers one by one and it was feared that Joe Meehan who was the British agent who had been infiltrated into IRA was the man behind it.

A deadly game of cat and mouse, more deadly murders, some intelligence work, some deception, some sex, later it all goes down the wire. Of course there is a suspense at the end, as it has to be, to explain these dastardly killings.

Chris Ryan has written well with a fast paced narrative like an unputdownable novel. Goodreads 5/5

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