Gates of Heaven

An interesting documentary Gates of Heaven (1978) produced, directed and edited by Errol Morris about the pet cemetery business.

Apparently it is a big business because many people own pets these days because with the nuclear family having more or less vanished, people are living a lonely life, especially the elderly, so a pet becomes a kinda life to them. There is a pet explosion taking place world over.

So these are like proper cemeteries with decent to luxurious burials, tomb stones with pictures, dates etc. There is no church service but there is everything else besides that. In the first part of the documentary, it talks of one gentleman Mac who loves pets and has created a pet cemetery but that is clashing with a tallow factory nearby which takes all the animals, strips them of their skin and bones and reuses them into something else.

In the latter part of the documentary, it talks about a family who is into pet business and their two sons are also into it and they have incentives, motivations, parties and what not like a proper business. The documentary is not a narrative but a series of interviews with various people so that’s fine.

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