Drishyam 2

Drishyam 2 is a resumption of the first film where Mohanlal had buried the body under an under construction police station. Jeetu Joseph takes a long time in coming around to the climax of this sequel. It is not as taut as the first movie, which was a thriller par excellence.

The sequel ponders too much over minor events and sequences. The tight tension which was there in the first part was not evident in the sequel. It would have been better if Joseph had gone onto another unsolved crime and kept the Drishyam brand alive. By closing out the murder investigation, Joseph has effectively buried the brand though he can still play it along with more themes and more unsolved crimes. Which is what i feel he should do, i am sure there are so many live examples of unsolved murder mysteries from the police files. I would say the climax in this Drishyam 2 is disappointing to say the least.

Of the cast, everybody is in slow motion, Mohanlal looks a tired self of himself.

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