A devastating 9 hour documentary Shoah (1985) made by Claude Lanzmann giving first hand accounts of the survivors of the concentration camps in World War II.

Devastating, because of the horrors of the war narrated by the survivors, many of whom Jews from Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Lithuania and had seen first hand the gas chambers, the trains which were used for deportations of Jews from many parts of Europe to places like Auschwitz – Birkenau, Dachau, Treblinka etc. Some of the interviews were with the Nazi officers themselves – one was clandestine, other was open and they also narrate their remorse and revulsion at what happened to thousands and thousands of Jews. Men, women, some of whom now settled in the US, Israel, Hungary, Czechoslovakia had trouble recalling the horrors they had witnessed and broke down. In the latter part, the documentary moves onto description about what happened in Warsaw ghetto, which again housed thousands and thousands of Jews in terrible conditions, waiting for deportation to the concentration camps and gas chambers.

This is one documentary, every human being should watch. The horrors of the war should not be forgotten.

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