This Island Earth

Science fiction movie directed by Joseph M. Newman and Jack Arnold and starring Rex Reason and Faith Domergue among others,

Dr. Cal Meachem (Rex Reason) is a scientist and when he is flying in his plane his controls fail but he is mysteriously rescued by a green glow. At the lab they find an unusual part for a substitute which they had indented. But they get some instructions and machinery to construct something.

When they construct it, a strange man appears on the screen and tells them they have passed the test and that Dr. Cal is supposed to fly to their facility to join their scientist team.

At the facility which is in Georgia, he meets an old acquaintance Dr. Ruth Adams (Faith Domergue) but she fails to recognize him. A lot more sinister things going at that facility they decide to escape, but they plucked alongwith their copter into a space ship.

Inside the spaceship they are told that they i.e. the strange people are from a planet called Metalunia and they are at war with another planet called Zagon which is destroying them. Metalunia needs unlimited supply of uranium which is where the scientists come in to help them generate uranium and nuclear energy to keep Metalunia afloat.

Not a very exciting science fiction movie, but am anyways not a big fan of science fiction movies. The special effects of the movie made in 1955 are quite good, they are some good sequences there. On the acting side, nothing much to recommend, both the characters are average so to say.

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