His Trust

A 1911 silent era film “His Trust” and its sequel “His Trust Fulfilled” directed by D.W. Griffith. Wilfred Lucas (George) is a black worker in his master’s employ who is a soldier for the Confederate Army. The master is called upon to war, leaving his family of wife and kid in George’s care. Soldier dies in battle leaving only his sword. Enemy soldiers then come upon their house to ransack it and set it on fire. George takes great risk to go inside blazing flames to rescue the kid and the master’s sword. George then takes them to his small ramshackle house taking care of their every needs, until one fine day the lady dies, leaving the kid infant. George then plows all his savings so that the little girl gets a foster home, goes to school, and marries off to an aristrocrat in Britain.

They have managed to restore the print of this film from the Library of Congress paper prints. Its a short movie set in two parts, fully silent. The production quality is rudimentary what you expect in 1911 but its a landmark movie of that era.

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