Ahaa Re

Beautiful Bengali movie “Ahaa Re” (2019) of much love, depth, understanding, affection, grief, guilt, anguish, poetry, caring, directed by Ranjan Ghosh. Farhaz Chowdhary alias Raja (Arifin Shuvoo) from Dhaka is a much acclaimed chef from Bangladesh lands up in Kolkata to be the chef of his friend’s fine dine restaurant. There while having meals delivered to him at home, he falls in love with Basundhara (Rituparna Sengupta). He does not know her background. He also has his own background at Dhaka with his parents.

The movie takes its own time to cook slowly, unravelling the plots and characters like a fine meal. Camera work and cinematography is quite breathtaking, music is very much in tune with the emotions of the movie. There is lot of guilt and then reconciliation towards the end, which is very deep and emotional. All the characters have acted very well, but it is Paran Bandopadhyay as Atanu Ganguly the senior in the house of Basundhara who has done the most beautiful acting all, getting in the skin of the character he was playing as the anguished old man with his grief hidden inside him. Rituparna does a good role as the restrained and matured older woman who breaks down in the end, and so has Arifin Shuvoo, the Bangladeshi actor.

Not revealing the plot too much, because this is a movie to be watched.

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