Hands of a Stranger

A 1962 sci-fi/ horror movie “Hands of a Stranger” directed by Newton Arnold and starring James Stapleton, Paul Lukather and Joan Harvey among others. Vernon Paris (James Stapleton) is a very talented pianist and on the night of his greatest music concert ever, he has an accident in which he loses his hand. The Dr. Gil Harding, somehow stitches together another hand from wrists down including the fingers of another accident victim who had arrived at the hospital only a couple of hours before. Vernon has long therapy before he realises that his hand is different. He is repulsed by the new hand especially since he is unable to play the piano deftly. He becomes depressed and angry at times and tries to get back to his ex girlfriend, but she repulses him forcibly and is burnt to death when she accidently knocks a candle down in her house. Later Vernon goes to the cab driver’s house in which he was travelling when he had the accident. The cab driver’s son was quite enthusiastic about playing the piano and makes Vernon play a piece. Vernon plays badly and in frustration breaks the hand of the child, knocks him down against a furniture which results in the kid’s death. The hand of a stranger is killing one by one all the people who were responsible for the hand, including all the doctors and nurse in the operating room.

Interesting movie for a 1962 production. Overall ok movie, no great stars there. The medical marvel was the great fascination in the movie, somebody who gets a real human hand stitched to his depleted hand and the nerves and muscles to function properly including sensitivity to touch and flexibility of moving the fingers.

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