Mr. Imperium

A 1951 Hollywood romantic musical starring Lana Turner, Ezio Pinza, Debbie Reynolds among others. Frederica Brown is a small time stage performer, while in Italy, she meets one Mr. Imperium (Ezio Penza) who is an aristocrat of sorts a prince of his kingdom somewhere. They fall in love with each other but he is called back to his kingdom when his father, the king falls ill. He hands over a letter to be given to Fredda by his Prime Minister, but that guy plays mischief.

Cut to 12 years later, Fredda is a famous movie star. Aristocrat finds her poster in Paris. He travels to California to be reunited with her. In the meanwhile another producer Paul Hunter (Barry Sullivan) is in love with her but the King now is ready to abdicate his throne to be with his love. Enter the villain Prime Minister to scuttle things second time around, this time he has kidnapped the son of the King.

Not much of twists and turns in the movie, directed by Don Hartman, the musical part of the movie is good. Lana Turner and Debbie Reynolds have done a good role in the movie. Debbie is the niece of the hotel owner in California who is quite taken in by the King’s good looks.

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