City of Missing Girls

A 1941 American film starring John Archer, Astrid Allwyn among others. There is an unknown city in which girls are going missing from time to time. Assistant D.A. James Horton (John Archer) is investigating the case with the help of veteran policeman Mac MacVeigh (H.B. Warner). Meanwhile city reporter Nora Page (Astrid Allwyn) has something going for the D.A. while at the same time robustly publishing the crime stories. A couple of girls go missing or dead while suspicion lays on King Peterson (Philip Van Zandt) who is owning the Crescent School of Acting, which is being used as a front to recruit girls for the night clubs around the country. There are shady deals going on and Peterson is involved in several gambling outfits as well. Meanwhile Nora Page’s dad is also somehow involved in the shady dealings. All come together in a climax. Not a greatly complicated story with too many twists and turns. Rather a simple, nice, clean story with a nice ending of course.

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