This is a mish mash of a movie with too many characters, plots and sub plots. Upto half the movie, we are trying to find out who is related or connected to whom in the movie. There is apparently a Goan family with deep roots to Portugal. The elder of the family was a colourful guy who has dropped his sperm in all the villages nearby. He drops dead and then his wife (the beautiful Leela Naidu) tries to revive him from the dead through a medium but ends up inviting enemies of the family going back some 300 or so years. Leela Naidu’s grand daughter Sushma Prakash has to be married off against her will to a boy from Lisbon, but she loves another guy who is a rebel for the Indian cause. Then there is Neena Gupta, she is apparently one of the senor’s illegitimate product herself.

The story predates the Goa independence when a proud Goan family see its household become disintegrated one by one due to eccentricities by one and all involved. All big names of Indian art cinema are there in the movie with some small major role to play in the drama. Its all confusing and boring as well. It must be one of Shyam Benegal’s least efforts as it fails to rise above a certain level of mediocrity. There is KK Raina, Anita Kanwar (in the most irritating role in the film), Dalip Tahil, Soni Razdan, Kunal Kapoor, Keith Stevenson, Lucky Ali, Jayant Kripalini, Akash Khurana, Sabira Merchant – good to see the old faces but the only redeeming face of the movie is undoubtedly Neena Gupta looking stunningly beautiful and playing a dignified role as usual.

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