Mrs McGinty’s Dead

Mrs. McGinty’s dead, hit on her head with a single blow and some money stolen from her house and kept carelessly outside. Her demure lodger James Bentley is seen as the suspect and all evidence points to him. He is convicted and sentenced to death. But the Superintendent of Police who handled this case had nagging doubts about the conviction so he brings in Hercule Poirot to look at the case.

Mrs. McGinty was a cleaner woman in the small village of Broadhinny and she had been going to different houses on different days for cleaning. Poirot arrives with no hope but he starts talking to the people who had some connection with Mrs. McGinty and slowly builds up a case for investigation. Its beautiful how Dame Agatha Christie has built the story around and dropped a little hint here and there, some red herrings to flummox the hard nosed detective. Poirot hits pay dirt when he chances upon a newspaper of which some portion had been cut off which he found in Mrs. McGinty’s belongings.

Dame Agatha has put a lot of characters in the story and tied everybody’s narrative into the murder beautifully. This is genius at work. Christie’s rural England stories are always a big hit. Goodreads 5/5

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