Bang the Drum Slowly

Bang the Drum Slowly, an American sports movie based on a novel of that same name by Mark Harris. This movie is directed by John Hancock and stars Robert de Niro, Michael Moriarty among others. Bruce Pearson (Robert de Niro) is a baseball player in the same team as Henry Wigget (Michael Moriarty) who is the star player. Both of them are close friends. Bruce is terminally ill with Hogdkin’s disease and has only some time left. Nobody knows about it but Henry and he wangles a renewal contract with the team which says that both he and Bruce are to be traded together – if Bruce goes, he also goes. The bosses reluctantly agree. The baseball team is more losing than winning, so the coach gets in a couple of extra players from outside to beef up the team. In the meanwhile Henry tells one player about Bruce’s condition and slowly it becomes known to all. The movie is more about the affection, friendship and care of Henry to Bruce, they just happen to be baseball players. Michael Moriarty has done a fabulous job as the anguished friend, Robert de Niro, okay, so so, not his famous acting skills here. Nothing dramatic happens to him to show off his acting skills. He slowly fades away.

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