A Voice for the Rivers

An environmental documentary film featuring the river keepers of Maryland’s eastern shore. How professionals, scientists, etc. are taking care of the rivers in a scientific way, in order to improve the water quality of the river. The Sassafras, Miles and Chester rivers are featured. School children are encouraged to take a trip in the river and do volunteer job and also kayaking in order to foster a love for the rivers in them. Lot of community based efforts are undertaken. From the interviews with the river keepers it appears that they are passionate about their efforts and its not just a boring 9 to 5 job. They take interest in the rivers and that helps. Also with better quality rivers, it is possible to have more touristy interests without disturbing the water quality, events like kayaking, yatching, swimming, triathlons etc. River keepers !! – never heard of that job title before, seems interesting. India needs to do something similar on a vast scale, it has so much of coast and so much of inland water and rivers flowing through it. It available to watch on Vimeo.

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