The Piano

A fairy tale Australian award winning movie “The Piano” (1993) directed by Jane Campion and starring Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill among others. Its a period story happened maybe hundred years ago. Its a sad story of Ada (Holly Hunter) who is a mute and she has not spoken since young and nobody knows why. She has a young daughter Flora (Anna Paquin) and nobody knows from whom. Ada loves to play the piano and plays it well, in fact piano is her life. She comes to New Zealand to live with Alisdair (Sam Neill) but he is sort of rough and tough with no emotions. Ada falls for his friend Baines (Harvey Keitel) and this angers Alisdair. Baines cannot read or write but surely knows the passion for the girl, he is only interested in sex. Meanwhile once Alisdair comes to know of their affair, he also wants his share of the sex. Lot of things happen then between the three of them, most of them tragic. There is lot of Maoris in the movie and they speak their language. The movie does’nt really rise above a certain level. Probably the fact that Ada does’nt speak complicate matters a bit. Acting by them is all ok both Harvel Keitel and Sam Neill are wooden. The kid Anna Paquin does light up some interest in the movie with her innocence and playfulness but with a loose script written by Campion herself, the movie fails to rise to an award winning level.

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