Abo So

A 2013 romantic movie from Aruba, Abo So, is a simple story of Tatiana (Raphaela Mahadeo) falling in love with Santiago (Miguel Genser) after Tatiana and her mother and brother move into a new neighbourhood at her aunt place following the loss of their house due to her father’s drinking habits. Santiago is also without any job, doing odd errands like pruning the gardens in order to make some money. Tatiana is about to go into college and obstacles come in the way of their romance. Very simple story, so not much scope for theatricals that come to be associated with romantic movies. Juan Francisco Pardo has done a decent job with the story line and direction. Very few shots of the Aruban scenery, but there are lot of songs in the movie Bollywood style, so that’s good. They speak in Papiamento language in the movie which is a Portugese based creole language spoken in the Dutch Caribbean.

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