Working Girl

What a beautifully tragic Antiguan film “Working Girl” (2009) directed by Nigel Trellis. Lotus (Terry Ann Price) is a school girl in a sad family background. Her mother is a prostitute and they are badly off. Lotus has a boyfriend who is rich but does not know her situation. Lotus’s mother is dying of lung cancer and they have no money to provide for her medicals. So Lotus sets out to sell herself but can’t bring herself to do it first time around. In the meanwhile, her house electricity is cut off due to non payment of dues, so she has to look around for other places to study. She goes to her boyfriend place, but his father drives her out. Then she is out hitchhiking, when she gets a lift from an old man, but that guy tries to be too cozy to her. The school master also tries to seduce her into his bed. But the girl is unable to do anything. Exams come and she tops not only in the school but the entire country. She comes home to tell her mother the good news but unfortunately her mother has already passed away by then. The funeral guys ask for lot of money in order to bury her. Again she sets off to do business in the night. Lot more suffering and tragedy in the end. Terry Ann Price has done a magnificent role as the sad, miserable girl who has no hopes for the future. The cinematography and music are very good.

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