Tomka and his Friends

What a wonderfully cute Albanian movie “Tomka and his friends” (1977) directed by Xhanfise Keko. Tomka and his little friends in a small Albanian village like to play football in their village playground. All that changes when Germans come to occupy their village and set up camp in their playground. Tomka and his friends continue to play football in whatever is left of the playground. They are a bunch of cute little kids patriotic to their fellow country men and angry at the fascists. Tomka is a little older and wiser for his age. Tomka and his friends are called up to do small little things to help the Albanians in their fight against the Germans, like finding out where the canal ends in the German camp, feeding poison to the German dog etc. All very lovely young kids with their enthusiasm and playfulness combined. All of them have acted wonderfully in the movie. It is a tribute to Xhanfise Keko that he has been able to get such lovely acting from the kids in the movie. The cinematography, camera work, music, story, direction, photography and all are top class. Not much of complications in the movie, a simple movie of daring do by young kids against fascist forces. Must watch for the true movie connoisseur. It is available on youtube with English sub titles.

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