15 Minutes of War

French film based on true events which happened in Djibouti in 1976. Djibouti was at that time under French rule and neighbouring Somalia wanted Djibouti to be part of them. So some Somalians hijacked a school bus with children in it and take it to the Somali border. No money demands, just that French leave Djibouti and annex Djibouti to Somalia. An American school teacher who is teaching the kids at the school, enters the bus to take care of the kids. Special commando unit of the French called GIGN is readied to take down the hostages but the usual diplomacy war goes on in Paris all the time. Meanwhile Somalians with the help of Russians have gathered at the border to take the bus into Somalia. Last 25 minutes of the film is absolutely brilliant, a Quentin Tarantino type of daredevilry shootout. Brilliantly done and superbly captured. The dialogues are in French or Somali with very little in English but there are English sub titles so worth watching. Alban Lenoir as the leader of the elite unit has done a good role and so have the others. Music and cinematography are top class.

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