Viva Riva!

A slick Congolese (Democratic Republic of Congo, erstwhile Zaire) crime thriller (2010) directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga. In a gasoline short country, Riva (Patsha Bay) smuggles gasoline into Kinshasha, a truck fuel of drums filled with gasoline, enough to make him and his friend rich. But after him are some Angolan ganglords to whom the fuel ostensibly belongs. Riva falls for Nora (Manie Malone) who is the keep of another small time gangster so there is a triumvirate fighting with each with one corrupt military officer (Marlene Longage) involved in fixing up deals of this sort. A lot of shoot outs, killings, money changing hands, sex with whores, sex with Nora it ends in a huge finale. Even the priest of a local church is involved in some corruption. Angolans apparently don’t like the Congolese so the Angolan taunts his Congolese rivals. Riva has a fallout with his parents as well. Patsha Bay and Manie Malone have done good acting and so has the Commandant, Marlene Longage. The dialogues are in a mix of Lingala and French, but thankfully there are English sub titles so that’s good. The direction is good and so is the production values and cinematography especially when there is not much scenery shooting in the movie. Its got a clutch of awards at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

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