Eat That Frog!

This is a good book on time management by Brian Tracy. Written in an easy, simple language with clear instructions at the end of each chapter, this book is something that people can keep going to time and again to refer to examples of how to get going in your work. Some useful tips like the 80/20 pareto principle, writing your goals, planning each day in advance, focusing on important task, delegating not so important tasks to subordinates, focusing on key result areas, applying the ABCDE principle, upgrading your key skills, identifying your key constraints, using technology smartly etc. The 80/20 pareto principle is something we can adapt to anything in life as well as creating large chunks of time in which to focus on finishing important productive work. Delegating is another key principle which managers should practice because one cannot be a superman and do everything possible under the sun themselves. They need to delegate lesser important tasks to juniors in the organisation, which will also be a motivating factor for the juniors. One thing i did not like about the book is that there are very less, almost NIL true life examples of each principle. That would have been a great asset to the book. Goodreads 4/5

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