What a brilliant, moving, gut wrenching, emotional Chadian movie “Abouna” (2002) directed by Mahamet Saleh Haroun. Its a magnificient movie in all its aspects. Two kids Tahir (Ahidjo Mahamat Moussa) and Amine (Hamza Moctar Aguid) wake up one morning in their little home to find that their dad has gone, missing. Distraught, these young kids go emotional. They still don’t know why their father has left and believe that he will come back. Their mom becomes vexed at their escapades but she does’nt realise their emotional anguish behind it and packs them off to a koranic school far far away. The kids are still awash with their feelings towards their father and are not able to adapt to the strict upbringings of the koranic school. Tragic unfolds shortly and much anguish and much depth of sadness follows as also love and happiness. The elder son Tahir meets a beautiful deaf mute girl Le Mere (Zara Haroun) in the school and both of them fall for each other. Everything about this movie is magnificent. The direction, acting by the kids and Zara, story, camera work, cinematography, sound, music (by Ali Farka Toure) has a Malian influence to it, its very beautiful. Chadian language has a middle eastern imprint to it. Both the kids have done a brilliant role as has Zara Haroun as the deaf mute girl. This is one must watch movie, if you are a true music connoisseur. The movie won a FIPRESCI award but was not accepted for nominations at the Oscars, which was such a pity.

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