Gito L’Ingrat

Gito L’Ingrat is a Burundian movie made in 1992 by Leonce Nagabo. Gito (Joseph Kumbela) is a Burundian student in Paris and earning by the side some income as well. He has a French girl friend Christine (Marie Bunel). After his graduation he decides to come back to his country with high hopes and plans. Unfortunately he does not get a single job on his return. Meanwhile his childhood sweet heart Aoua Sangare meets up with him. He stays in a hotel in the capital whilst his parents and siblings live in a far away village. Christine decides to land in Burundi unannounced and then the rivalry between two girl friends. Gito is double crossing both of them. Meanwhile Christine wants to meet his parents so they go to his village where she tries to integrate with his family. Nice comedy plus tragedy movie. The entire movie is mostly in French except for some dialogues in the local language when Gito is talking to his parents. There were no sub titles in English but still i could understand this much about the movie. The three characters Joseph Kumbela, Marie Bunel and Aoua Sangare have done good roles. Basically the direction is neat, there are some neo realist shots of the market place and the country side. Burundi and Rwanda were in the news in the mid 90s for the mass genocide taken place there in the fight between Tutsis and Hutus in the region. Burundi being former French colony, everybody speaks in French there, but for their movies to gain global recognition from amongst non French speaking movie buffs world wide, they should provide English sub titles as well.

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