Blood on the Sun

Blood on the Sun, a 1945 movie starring James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney among others. Its a war time movie but not actual war scenes in it. It is based on a secret Japanese document called the Tanaka Memorial and which is supposed to lay out the plans of Japanese imperalism over the other nations post war, more particularly aimed at China and US and involved armed conflict and superiority. The Japanese emperor is not in favor of it, but is a brainchild of a Japanese general called Tanaka. Nick Condon (James Cagney) is a reporter with Tokyo Chronicle based out of Tokyo. He gets deep into it. Enter a woman into the story, Iris Hillard (Sylvia Sidney) and things start getting complicated from there on. Who knows whether Iris is a spy, but Nick falls for Iris. Intrigue, double intrigue, spy, subterfuge all form part of the script which races to a thrilling finish. James Cagney has done a good role as the American correspondent, Sylvia as half Chinese is passable, but apparently both of them have had a long run in the movies, so it would be good to watch more of them.

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