45 Years

Tormenting romantic drama movie 45 years starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay in the main roles. Both of them are married for 45 years as Kate and Geoff Mercer and are planning to celebrate their 45th marriage anniversary, when Geoff gets a letter from somewhere that the girl with whom he had gone mountaineering 45 years ago, her body was found in the ice in the Alps. Suddenly, their marriage which was a bedrock of surety and love, comes under tremendous train. All kinds of doubts assays the mind of Kate as she discovers more and more details of that particular matter, including the fact that the girl was pregnant and Geoff would have probably married her, had she not fallen down in the crevice up the mountain. Brilliant performance by Charlotte Rampling as she melts down slowly and Tom Courtenay as he agonises over the sudden turn of events. Charlotte was nominated in the best actress category for the Oscars.

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  1. That last close-up of Rampling’s face still haunts me to this day!

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