The Rig

The Rig by John Collee, exciting novel set in an oil rig in Madagascar. Canadian oil company Norco Oil has shut down an oil well in Madagascar due to no oil find, but the plane carrying the returning oil drillers goes down in flames immediately on take off. That plane carried the best friend of Spence, an experienced oilman who is now retired and divorced and drinking his times away, when he is called upon to investigate. He runs into an assortment of characters in Madagascar including the minister, a padre, half French, half African Perpetude who wants to migrate to France. There are sinister machinations in force including the dubiousness of the Madagascar minister, who wants to buy the oil rig at a discounted price. Spence sets about ferreting information from one and all and goes about trying to resurrect the oil rig to find out whether there is actually oil, or a fake report was sent of non oil prospect. Interesting page turner. Goodreads 5/5

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