Documentary on the noted American cartoonist Robert Crumb and his life and times and that of his two brother Charles and Max, both of whom were either cartoonists or painters. Robert Crumb was famous with his risque comics in the 1960s that led to the underground comics movement. There were overtly sexual themes in his comics. He introduced a lot of extremely popular characters of those times like Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, Angelfood McSpade, Snoid etc. He was also the founder of the underground issues of Zap Comix. His Keep on Truckin’ comic strip was also quite popular in those times. He was also the editor of Wierdo comics strip for a while. He veered more towards pornographic comic strips for a time. The film does not follow a linear pattern, but with the series of conversations that Robert has with his brothers and the film team has with his wives, son, ex-girl friends, art critics, fellow cartoonists, you start to get a gist of what his life was all about.

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