Western Front 1918

Excellent BBC documentary on battlefields in the 20th century, presented by the father & son duo of Peter & Dan Snow. First episode covers the First world war and more particularly the Battle of Amiens of 1918 which was a crucial battle in the allies winning the war. The Snows give a nice narrative to the movie, detailing the elements that led to the Germans having decimated the Prussians to the East concentrated on breaking the western line which was held by British, French, Canadian & Australian troops. The Americans enter the war with Woodrow Wilson deciding it was time enough. While the Germans had Ludendorff the great war strategist, the Allied forces had Rollinson, the British commander who drove a nail into the Germans’ coffins with his brilliant foresight, superb co-ordination with the tanks, artillery and air fire, men at the front, utmost secrecy and planning to secure the war for the allied forces. The movie takes you to the actual theatre of war and then there are rare footages of actual soldiers during the war plus lots of computer animation to show the tactics and strategy of both the Germans and the Allied forces. Nice series to watch.

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