Biraj Bahu

Award winning movie by Bimal Roy, Biraj Bahu (1954) starring Kamini Kaushal, Abhi Bhattacharya among others. Not so famous as his other movies Bandini, Sujata, Do Bigha Zameen, this one throws the spotlight entirely on Kamini Kaushal for her brilliant acting. Family drama involving fight between brothers, separation, money lenders, debt, poverty, suspicion, anger and then sorrow. Heady mix of all thrown in by Bimalda. Pran is the villian of the scene, Manorama as the instigator. Brothers get separated and then come back together. Sister’s marriage pushes them into poverty and clutches of money lenders, landlords, lose their family plot, and then what starts as a happy family become an embittered, angry one. Kamini Kaushal has thrown her all into this movie to win the Best Female actress award at the National awards. Brilliant direction, script, screenplay and the ending is typically Bimalda.

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