BBC documentary on unarguably the greatest composer of all time Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I watched it here on this youtube link

This documentary is good because there is real play acting in it depicting the life and times of Mozart from his young age being a prodigy at the age of four itself to his adulthood, his marriage to Constanze, his troubled relationship with his father, his musical compositions, named K 1 to more than 600 pieces that he composed during his lifetime. It is in a narrative form by his father, sister and his wife (briefly). Mozart and his elder sister Nannerl used to perform at concerts under their father’s supervision, as child prodigies. The documentary though does not touch upon his musical prowess as much as on his personal life and his struggles with his father. A few of the musical compositions are briefly described, but i was expecting something on the famous symphony no. 40, his most famous, but that was not included at all. I guess you can’t do much justice to the prodigious talent of Mozart in just 58 minutes documentary.

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