The Omen (1976)

Nothing like revisiting an old classic The Omen (1976). This one along with Jaws and The Exorcist were three cult movies that came along in that era. We were in the college when it released in the 70s in the US and of course those days, movies used to take years before they were shown in Indian cinemas. And in those days we had to watch movies in the cinema theatre only, there was no OTT platform or handheld devices then. The story everybody knows by now. Gregory Peck has done a super role as the father of the devil child and Lee Remick as the mother. Nice screen play when you think of it, you might as well believe that anti christ is coming. I remember some of the shots in the movie were spectacular for instance the nanny hanging from the roof, the photographer losing his head to a mirror, the padre getting impaled and the mother falling from the hospital top floor. Of the three, Jaws keeps coming back sometimes on the TV channels, but never seen Exorcist or the Omen being shown on the telly. Watched The Exorcist few months ago, and boy that was a really freaky one. Never seen any horror movie better than the Exorcist. Cult movies!!

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