Olavum Theeravum

Award winning Malayalam movie Olavum Theeravum (1970) directed by PN Menon and based on a short story written by celebrated writer M.T. Vasudevan Nair. Made in black & white, the movie stars Madhu, Ushanandini & Philomena among others. Bapputty (Madhu) is a timber trader with no family whatsoever and moving from one place to another. His best friend on the trade dies on him, and he has to go and meet his family and break the tragic news to them. From there he falls in love with his friend’s sister Nabeesa (Ushanandini) whose mother Philomena is quite notorious in the area for her illicit relations. Enter another suitor, a rich trader who eyes Nabeesa and since he has the money, the mother falls for his guile. Meanwhile Madhu comes back into the village after his business trip and matters then reach a tragic climax. The print quality of the film is quite bad. It should have been digitally remastered as the technology is very much available these days. If the print quality had been good, then the movie would have been more enjoyable and we could have enjoyed the cinematography perhaps, not so much the scenery, because the movie was made in black & white.

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